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Kimaera Inks a Deal with Eternal Sound Records
The Harbinger of Doom
December Ends Single

Aged Wine and Woe

  • "We have another stellar line-up of bands from around the globe for you, including those from South America, Africa, the Middle and Far East, showing the rest of the world that it doesnt matter where you’re from, you can crush as brutaly as anyone." [Metal Hammer Mag. - Compilation CD - September 2011]
  • "With 'Solitary Impact', Kimaera have finally reached a certain maturity, and their Gothic Doom/Death is one of the most uplifting I have listened to this year... Kimaera are no longer a mere student, but now give lessons. A great success that I hope will last a long time." []
  • "If Theatre of Tragedy ever returns from their musical journey into Scooter-land and decides to make an album that outdoes all their previous ones, then they might compete with Kimaera." 'Ebony Veiled' is a work which stands firmly on it's own feet. It's original, varied, catchy and "genuine"... "Musically this album is almost unflawed." []
  • "..I had never heard so many darker genres fused together at once. Theres a bit of something for every Metal fan." []
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The Harbinger of Doom

* Latvian tour dates announced - more...

* Artwork for the new single 'The Die is Cast' revealed - more...

KIMAERA  collaborate with Karina Eid for the song "Leich La' " more...

* KIMAERA  releases a new music video from "The Harbinger of Doom" more...

* KIMAERA is the most achieving Lebanese band for 2013 - more...

* You can order our new album through Eternal Sound Records Shop

* Pics from our DOOM UPON RUSSIA Tour available on our fb page

Kimaera releases a new video online, covering Anthema, from the new album - Watch

* More News

Praising My Pain

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Ancient Serpents

The Harbinger of DoomDecember Ends

Solitary ImpactEbony Veiled

The Script of Sorrow

Lost Control (Anathema Cover)

Lost Control

Anathema Cover


December Ends (Official Video)

December Ends

Official Video


The Taste of Treason (Official Video)

The Taste of Treason

Official Video


The Taste of Treason (Making of)

The Taste of Treason

Making of


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